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Design Methodology






Primarily, a survey of the proposed site is conducted to discover its limitations and possibilities. The site information gathered will then be considered alongside environmental, geographic, cultural, and behavioral context before offering design concepts to our clients in the form of Schematic Design Package. Once a selection is made, we begin the research, experimentation, and creation. Each member of our architectural team offers their specialized expertise to collaborate on and cover all the facets of a project, from the Schematic design phase to the construction Administration.

Pre-Design Phase

Conduct a general survey of the proposed site to discover its limitations and possibilities.

Schematic Design Phase
Design Development Phase

Generate Draft Architectural drawings and material take off for Consultations with Quantity Surveyor & Design Engineering Team

Construction Drawing Phase

Generate construction drawings for the construction phase, generate Bill of Quantity, Submit architectural & Engineering drawing set to client

Construction Drawing Phase

Identification and evaluation of potential contractors and/or specialists for the project,  Onsite supervision, and Consultancy

Review the client's program and gather relevant data, develop design concept scheme for review, present schematic design package for approval, attached with a budgetary estimate of total project cost.

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