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Gabriel Latilewa


Gabriel Latilewa Allen's approach to architecture and design is understood to be an inclusive act, one that bridges disciplines and builds upon sustainable industries and communities.

Through his work, Gabriel Latilewa is driven by engaging and collaborative approach to ecological sustainable architecture. Each facilitated project embraces an approach that fully values nature, cultural integrity and economic efficiency. His design solutions also seek to incorporate an effective and positive impact on occupants and the natural environment.


Having graduated with a bachelor's degree in Community Building design from The University of The Gambia (UTG), a Master's degree in Architecture and Urban Design from National Taipei University of Technology (Taiwan), Gabriel Latilewa’s experience in architecture practice, community engagement, has carried him to communities throughout The Gambia and Taiwan.


Gabriel Latilewa's broad background encompasses practice in architecture, landscape design, community building, Building Information Modelling.
His comprehensive experience includes leading and facilitating numerous community-based student design/build projects both in The Gambia and Taiwan. Although much of this work was executed while a student at the University of the Gambia and The National Taipei University of Technology, he was nominated on several occasions as Class and group project leader in both Universities. With working experience solely generated from established firms in the Gambia and Taiwan, the experience forms the foundation of his architectural practice and continues to define his contributions to ecological sustainable architecture.

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